Corporate Website

Corporate Showcase

This corporate website showcases all the services, client testimonials, case studies, and video examples that a large company like Digitell, Inc. can dish out. One of the fun challenges of content creation, is photography and image manipulation. So many images were needed to illustrate the various services and technologies. Video production coupled to social media…

Boarding for Breast Cancer 2014

B4BC 2014 Another great event supporting Boarding for Breast Cancer. Special thanks to all of the participants, & to those who donated to B4BC! I shot photos for Holiday Valley in an effort to support this cause.

Restaurant website

Restaurant Website & Photography

I was presented with a long list of challenges on the production of this restaurant website.  They wanted the rustic biker vibe to carry over into a layered theme with flames! I was excited to roll up my sleeves and capture the essence first hand with my trusty camera.  After a photo shoot at each…

Ministry Website HTML5

Non-Profit Ministry Website

Non-Profit Ministry Website I love spreading the good news about Christ on the internet. So I jumped at the chance to redesign this local ministry website for Heritage Aflame. Going forward, I will be training WordPress Contributors from all over the world. With this CMS we will be able to have Contributors add content from…


HTML5 Full Screen WordPress Site

I developed this full screen HTML5 mobile responsive WordPress theme for my co-worker and friend. This allowed her videos to playback in ways never seen before. The dynamic nature of this theme is of the highest caliber, truly a slick feel for the end user. Project included: Web Hosting WordPress Installation Theme Development/Graphics WordPress Training

Holiday Valley 2013/2014 winter brochure

Resort Model – Brochure Cover Shot

Nothing excites me more than to get a call from someone needing a “snowboarding model” as that hardly requires a thought in order to say yes.  I’ve spent a lot of time on both sides of the camera lens.  It also helps knowing what the art director or design person might be looking for in…

non-profit educational website

Non-Profit Website that Focuses on Education

Building a website for a non-profit organization doesn’t end with the initial build. Most non-profits are filled with department heads, committees, and many volunteers. So training the staff to use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) is a big part of the picture. For this website in particular, we use GotoMeeting to collaborate with…

snowboard cinema

POV – Point of View

The helmet camera market exploded in 2000, with GoPro coming out as the clear leader.  I joined the UK based team of Drift Innovation, a  camera company who looked to get a slice of that Billion dollar market.  The Drift POV camera went beyond the normal application of a helmet camera, as it’s design allows…

Online clothing Store

Jati style – Online Store

Jati Style – Online Store I’ve made a lot of trips to Colorado and I kept seeing these wild one-piece suits around the race courses and in the ski lodges. So after meeting the owner and creator of JATI Style, a website was born. Project included: Web Hosting E-commerce Management WordPress Installation Theme Development/Graphics Plug-ins/Mod…

gym photography

Fitness Gym Website and Siri Listing

A local Gym had a competitor who was the “only game in town” when it came to an online presence. I took care of that issue real quick with total integration to Google’s search algorithm. I also found the secret to getting them listed on a Siri search for “fitness gym in Springville, NY” The…

Billy Bacon POV

HD Editing for Drift Innovation

HD Editing for Drift Innovation These days a video editor can use a Walmart computer to edit HD content. The days of $60,000 editing suites are gone and personal computing is well in stride. So a nice break for me is to get sent a video clip or two of action from around the world.…

rail slide snowboarder

White Room

A video produced by Dave Waldron featuring myself and Kevin Lacy. Dave had a film school project to complete and our friend Kevin Lacy was in town.  We met up in my snowboard shop and Dave and his crew got busy.  As an old-school snowboarding veteran, I can get all misty and philosophical about the…

Moto-X racers

Horse-Power Acres Moto-X Race

Horse-Power Acres Moto-X Race 6-hour race on the track and in the woods. The goal for me was to get as much POV footage for as they supplied the cameras. Out of 5 cameras, we ended up losing one to a hard crash. What’s worse is that the memory card flew out and was…

NSAA Welcome Video 2010

NSAA National Conference Video

I was asked to submit a video for the NSAA National Conference, and I was selected! This was used as the opening vid that kicked off a weekend of talks at the National Ski Areas Association. My vision was to show how much effort it takes to get a mountain up and running, as most…

resort blog

Holiday Valley – 4278parks

Resort Blog for Skiers and Snowboarders Having a season pass to Holiday Valley resort means that on any given day, you’ll find me on the slopes. Add the fact that one of my two stores is near the base of the mountain. So this leads me to consult with the Resort on a number of…