Image Editing
concrete one page website

One Page Construction Website

My challenge was to “make the phone ring” so Step 1 was to design a website. Step 2 was to get this business listed in Google Places.

Interior Photography

Interior Photography

Custom Homes and Remodels – Interior Photography in Ellicottville, NY.

ecommerce sale

Ecommerce Travel Website

This website started on Squarespace but, after finding many shortcomings, I was able to build a scalable WordPress/Woo-commerce solution.

One Page Website

One Page Musician Showcase Website

This artist wanted a simple webpage to showcase his music, so we started with a dynamic one page design. One-pagers are ideal for mobile devices because the user just swipes down without having to load any additional pages. On a full screen monitor, the sticky navigation bar adds a smooth scroll effect.

Architect website

Architectural Showcase

Full screen slide-show I was challenged to take a beautiful architectural design brochure and make a website showcase out of it.  I started by looking at a number of high end architectural design firms with their sleek and clean shelf appeal... inspiration came easy. What transpired after that, was a lot of image editing and…

Magazine Ads – Suburban Blend 2008

I spent three years as a Co-owner of a kick-ass snowboard shop.  We had a blast “keeping it real” All these Ads ran in Snowboard Magazine back in2008. I laid out these ads in Photoshop, using photos supplied from friends in the Industry.  We kept it simple, showcase the brands we sold, and drive new…

sex good brochure

Sex Good? Choose your Font Wisely

Sex Good? That’s what most people saw when they looked at the 1st Version that was printed (pictured on the left.) The catch phrase was “Get Good” but the font chosen did look like SEX. Sex does sell, as these brochures flew off the racks. All that were printed were gobbled up. They chose to…

ROME bindings after

Product Graphics Design in Adobe

Conceptual Design Seasoned Photographers will say that , "Photoshop is to be used as a chisel, NOT a jackhammer" but in marketing I'd say, "if you can think it, I can do it.  And if I cannot do it, I can fake it." So when I was asked to shoot photos of prototype product samples,…