Chautauqua Tourism Video

I spent over a year filming this by myself. It was a partnership with CCVB and Peek’n Peak in Findley Lake that aided in the equipment and man hours to accomplish the task. [flv:/video/chautauqua.flv 480 360] Music was sourced from Tunedge. Great database of tunes to search. Gwen Bush from Western New York laid down…


Adobe After Effects motion graphics

[flv:/video/no_sleep.flv 480 360] This is a trade show video that I created using Adobe AE. After Effects is the standard in motion graphics. These bar wipes are so simple to create and animate. The problem is that it’s time consuming. A video like this I could spend 15 minutes on every second for the final…

Holiday Valley

Ellicottville – Our Town

Local TV interview about snowboarding in the town of Ellicottville. I also supplied all the video footage in the piece. It was broadcast during a WNED telethon as well as regular regional spots.

[flv:/video/ellicottville.flv 420 285]

My son was stoked to be in it. Now all the High School kids know who he is.