Video Production and Editing
Learn Laugh Live and Play

Broadcast Channel Commercial

My local county executives asked if I could put together a video showcasing our regions attractions. "Learn Laugh Live and Play" was the tagline for this broadcast commercial that aired during a national golf event. The Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau benefited from this exposure by posting a "call to action" URL at the end. Creative…

Product Promo Video

My task: take three stand up paddle boards on vacation with the Bacon family and make a promo video. Sure no problem! These boards are sweet… So beyond the care, set-up, and filming with my DSLR, art direction was given to my model family.

After Effects Edit

Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics Video Edit

Adobe After Effects motion graphics video edit for ski resort marketing department. Fun fast paced resort commercial.

Signature Boston Partnership Showcase

Corporate Video Production – Partnership Showcase

Mobile Video Production Unit This video was produced to showcase the partnership between a media production company and a physical venue for events and conferences.  I went to this special event in Boston with a small crew in order to capture the live video stream and broadcasted it to the world on the internet. We…
snowboard cinema

POV – Point of View

The helmet camera market exploded in 2000, with GoPro coming out as the clear leader.  I joined the UK based team of Drift Innovation, a  camera company who looked to get a slice of that Billion dollar market.  The Drift POV camera went beyond the normal application of a helmet camera, as it's design allows…
Billy Bacon POV

HD Editing for Drift Innovation

HD Editing for Drift Innovation These days a video editor can use a Walmart computer to edit HD content. The days of $60,000 editing suites are gone and personal computing is well in stride. So a nice break for me is to get sent a video clip or two of action from around the world.…
NSAA Welcome Video 2010

NSAA National Conference Video

I was asked to submit a video for the NSAA National Conference, and I was selected! This was used as the opening vid that kicked off a weekend of talks at the National Ski Areas Association. My vision was to show how much effort it takes to get a mountain up and running, as most…
I Love NY contest entry

I Love NY – Contest Entry 2006

Just a little mix I did for an “I Love NY” video contest back in 2006. At the time I was shooting a ton of footage for a Ski Resort, as well as a local tourism bureau. So with my sister in law Gwen Bush, I had her cut a voice over track that I…