William Bacon - Virtual Event Director

Live Stream Director | Photographer | Extreme Sports Dad

Specialties include: Technical Director, Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Video Production, Live Streaming, Photography, Motion Graphics

Below you will find examples of my work. This portfolio website is mainly for show and tell.

Live Streaming at Mountain Life Church

Mountain Life Church Upgrades

I moved to Park City late May 2020, and because of covid, Church with a mass of people was a no-no!  I connected with Mountain Life Church my 1st week as a member of the body, but by week 2, I became the driver of their life stream production. It was great to find out…

Church Live Streaming Production

After attending Believers Chapel for a few years, I noticed that they were just using one camera to put the sermons online.  So I recommended that we Live Stream their services.  So little by little we added to the production, until the day came where we had to move into a new facility.  Of course…