Photos that I’ve taken using Canon Cameras

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom RAW edits

Most DSLR cameras shoot in a very small color gamut called sRGB which is the “lowest common denominator” when it comes to viewing the images on a standard monitor or phone. When you know how to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom, it’s best to shoot in a larger Adobe 1998 color space and also in camera RAW format.

Chris Naugle at Holiday Valley

Photo Squence – Stitching

This is done in Adobe Photoshop by layering up a sequence of images as layers and deleting any unwanted overlaps. ROQUE VERTONE JR stomping a drop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Note in this example I left white space to show the individual images that were taking with a digital camera.  Otherwise you want to crop…

Canon 20D long exposure

30 Second Exposure

I had to open the shutter for 30 seconds to get all the light in on this shot. Shot with a Canon 30D at f/4.5 with a 15mm lens. This was after the Bemus Bay Pops performed on the floating stage in Chautauqua Lake, NY. This image was used as the cover of the 2010…

Furniture Photography

I managed two large format photo studios for Bush Industries.  One was dedicated to white psych product shots and the other for natural home and office environments. One of the ideas I had to exploit a high angle, users perspective, lead to multiple Staples Catalog cover shots. We accomplished this photography with on-site digital post…