Snowboarding Addiction

This year I celebrate my 25th year with a season pass. To mark the occasion, I wore a collared shirt to get my pass picture taken, and I pretended to be an old fuddy-duddy. I caught this bug right out of High School when a surfer buddy told me he was going to New Zealand…


Live Video Switching and Direction

I was able to direct two camera men and work a third, at the same time, as running a live feed video switcher for the main purpose of showing everyone in the venue the action close up. Bernard Fowler, Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Al Ortiz, Robert Davis perform She’s So Cold at the Ellicottville Depot.…


Chautauqua Tourism Video

I spent over a year filming this by myself. It was a partnership with CCVB and Peek’n Peak in Findley Lake that aided in the equipment and man hours to accomplish the task. Music was sourced from Tunedge. Great database of tunes to search. Gwen Bush from Western New York laid down the voice track.…


Fat don’t Fly…

So here you’ll see me at age 38 getting out of the halfpipe at Peek’n Peak Resort.  I was the oldest competitor that day and just might have gone the highest!  It was only an 8 foot pipe though which is the smallest they make.  I had gone to great lengths to get the resort to…


Adobe After Effects motion graphics

This is a trade show video that I created using Adobe AE. After Effects is the standard in motion graphics. These bar wipes are so simple to create and animate. The problem is that it’s time consuming. A video like this I could spend 15 minutes on every second for the final output.

Office Configurator

So while working for Bush Industries back in 2005, I created an Office room designer with the help of a Flash developer called Animated Vision. As the Director of Multimedia I had to coordinate all the assets needed to create such a piece. Working with engineers, 3D models were converted for Flash and “rules” had…


Ellicottville – Our Town

Local TV interview about snowboarding in the town of Ellicottville. I also supplied all the video footage in the piece. It was broadcast during a WNED telethon as well as regular regional spots. My son was stoked to be in it. Now all the High School kids know who he is.