Resort Marketing

For 18 years while I lived in this small town in Western New York, I volunteered to work with the Marketing Department, Training Center, and Ski School, in order to promote the Resort.

Holiday Valley 2013/2014 winter brochure

Resort Model – Brochure Cover Shot

Nothing excites me more than to get a call from someone needing a “snowboarding model” as that hardly requires a thought in order to say yes.  I’ve spent a lot of time on both sides of the camera lens.  It also helps knowing what the art director or design person might be looking for in…

rail slide snowboarder

White Room

A video produced by Dave Waldron featuring myself and Kevin Lacy. Dave had a film school project to complete and our friend Kevin Lacy was in town.  We met up in my snowboard shop and Dave and his crew got busy.  As an old-school snowboarding veteran, I can get all misty and philosophical about the…